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CMHS Publications: February 2022

CMHS Faculty and staff publications

CMHS faculty, students and staff publications

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Al Dhahouri, N., Ali, A., Hertecant, J., & Al-Jasmi, F. (2022). Case Report: Reinterpretation and Reclassification of ARSB:p.Arg159Cys Variant Identified in an Emirati Patient With Hearing Loss Caused by a Pathogenic Variant in the CDH23 Gene. Frontiers in Pediatrics, 9.


Al Zarooni, A. A. R., Nagelkerke, N., Al Marzouqi, F. I., & Al Darmaki, S. H. (2022). Risk factors for vitamin D deficiency in Abu Dhabi Emirati population. PLoS ONE, 17(2 February).


Al-Baghdadi, O., Barnick, C., Srivastava, G., & Elbiss, H. M. (2022). Gynaecologists’ views on the management of Vaginal Vault Prolapse: A qualitative study. Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences, 38(3), 583-588.


Al-Marzooq, F., Al Kawas, S., Rahman, B., Shearston, J. A., Saad, H., Benzina, D., & Weitzman, M. (2022). Supragingival microbiome alternations as a consequence of smoking different tobacco types and its relation to dental caries. Scientific Reports, 12(1).


Bhagavathula, A. S., Massey, P. M., & Khubchandani, J. (2022). COVID-19 testing demand amidst Omicron variant surge: Mass hysteria or population health need? Brain, Behavior, and Immunity, 101, 394-396.


Cheikh Ismail, L., Al Dhaheri, A. S., Ibrahim, S., Ali, H. I., Chokor, F. A. Z., O’Neill, L. M., . . . Hwalla, N. (2022). Nutritional status and adequacy of feeding Practices in Infants and Toddlers 0-23.9 months living in the United Arab Emirates (UAE): findings from the feeding Infants and Toddlers Study (FITS) 2020. BMC Public Health, 22(1).


De Simone, B., Abu-Zidan, F. M., Gumbs, A. A., Chouillard, E., Di Saverio, S., Sartelli, M., . . . Catena, F. (2022). Knowledge, attitude, and practice of artificial intelligence in emergency and trauma surgery, the ARIES project: an international web-based survey. World Journal of Emergency Surgery, 17(1).


Drissi, N., Ouhbi, S., Amiri, L., Mugaddam, F. A., Jan, R. K., & Isomursu, M. (2022). A Conceptual Framework to Design Connected Mental Health Solutions in the United Arab Emirates: Questionnaire Study. JMIR Formative Research, 6(2).


Eid, N., & Ito, Y. (2022). Oxoglaucine alleviates osteoarthritis by activation of autophagy via blockade of Ca2+ influx and TRPV5/calmodulin/CAMK-II pathway. British Journal of Pharmacology, 179(6), 1282-1283.


El Kadri, M., Al Falasi, O., Ahmed, R., Al Awadhi, A., Altaha, Z., Hillis, A., . . . Alkaabi, S. (2022). Changes in QTc interval after hydroxychloroquine therapy in patients with COVID-19 infection: A large, retrospective, multicentre cohort study. BMJ Open, 12(2).


Khan, F. B., Anwar, I., Redwan, E. M., Palakkott, A., Ashraf, A., Kizhakkayil, J., . . . Akli Ayoub, M. (2022). Camel and bovine milk lactoferrins activate insulin receptor and its related AKT and ERK1/2 pathways. Journal of Dairy Science, 105(3), 1848-1861.


Najjar, Z., Kizhakkayil, J., Shakoor, H., Platat, C., Stathopoulos, C., & Ranasinghe, M. (2022). Antioxidant Potential of Cookies Formulated with Date Seed Powder. Foods, 11(3).


Razaz, J. M., Balam, F. H., Karimi, T., Rahmani, J., Kalantari, N., Shariatpanahi, S. P., . . . Roudsari, A. H. (2022). Sex Differences in Healthy Eating: Investigating the Moderating Effect of Self-Efficacy. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, 54(2), 151-158.