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CMHS Publications: May 2020

CMHS Faculty and staff publications

CMHS faculty, students and staff publications

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Ali, B. H., Al-Salam, S., Al Balushi, K. A., Al Za’Abi, M., Adham, S. A., Beegam, S., . . . Nemmar, A. (2020). Ameliorative effect of gum acacia on hookah smoke-induced testicular impairment in mice. Biomolecules, 10(5).


Imbrici, P., Nematian-Ardestani, E., Hasan, S., Pessia, M., Tucker, S. J., & D’Adamo, M. C. (2020). Altered functional properties of a missense variant in the TRESK K+ channel (KCNK18) associated with migraine and intellectual disability. Pflugers Archiv European Journal of Physiology


AlQassimi, S., AlBrashdi, S., Galadari, H., & Hashim, M. J. (2020). Global burden of psoriasis – comparison of regional and global epidemiology, 1990 to 2017. International Journal of Dermatology, 59(5), 566-571.


Stendel, C., D’Adamo, M. C., Wiessner, M., Dusl, M., Cenciarini, M., Belia, S., . . . Pessia, M. (2020). Association of a novel splice site mutation in P/Q-type calcium channels with childhood epilepsy and late-onset slowly progressive non-episodic cerebellar ataxia. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 21(11). 


D'Adamo, M. C., Liantonio, A., Conte, E., Pessia, M., & Imbrici, P. (2020). Ion Channels Involvement in Neurodevelopmental Disorders. Neuroscience. doi:10.1016/j.neuroscience.2020.05.032.


El Hajj Chehadeh, S., Osman, W., Nazar, S., Jerman, L., Alghafri, A., Sajwani, A., . . . Alsafar, H. (2020). Implication of genetic variants in overweight and obesity susceptibility among the young Arab population of the United Arab Emirates. Gene, 739.


Khan, M. A. B., Soteriades, E., Al Falasi, R. J., & Saleem, A. (2020). Clinicopathological characteristics of 8697 patients with COVID-19 in China: meta-analysis. Family Medicine and Community Health, 8(2). 


Liu, J., Zhang, A., Hayden, J. C., Bhagavathula, A. S., Alshehhi, F., Rinaldi, G., . . . Rahmani, J. (2020). Roxadustat (FG-4592) treatment for anemia in dialysis-dependent (DD) and not dialysis-dependent (NDD) chronic kidney disease patients: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Pharmacological Research, 155.


Osman, W. M., Khan, S. M., Jelinek, H. F., Almahmeed, W., Tay, G. K., & Alsafar, H. S. (2020). Clinical correlations and genetic associations of metabolic syndrome in the United Arab Emirates. Gene, 738


Pandi, M. T., Williams, M. S., van der Spek, P., Koromina, M., & Patrinos, G. P. (2020). Exome-wide analysis of the discovehr cohort reveals novel candidate pharmacogenomic variants for clinical pharmacogenomics. Genes, 11(5). 


Pisanu, C., Tsermpini, E. E., Skokou, M., Kordou, Z., Gourzis, P., Assimakopoulos, K., . . . Squassina, A. (2020). Leukocyte telomere length is reduced in patients with major depressive disorder. Drug Development Research, 81(3), 268-273.


Rovetta, A., & Bhagavathula, A. S. (2020). COVID-19-related web search behaviors and infodemic attitudes in Italy: Infodemiological study. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 22(5).


Sartelli, M., Weber, D. G., Kluger, Y., Ansaloni, L., Coccolini, F., Abu-Zidan, F., . . . Catena, F. (2020). 2020 update of the WSES guidelines for the management of acute colonic diverticulitis in the emergency setting. World Journal of Emergency Surgery, 15(1). 


Shmygol, A. (2020). Pacing made easy: dynamic clamp promotes quantitative understanding of cardiac autorhythmicity and boosts the development of new pacemakers. Pflugers Archiv European Journal of Physiology, 472(5), 549-550.


Uddin, M., Mustafa, F., Rizvi, T. A., Loney, T., Al Suwaidi, H., Al-Marzouqi, A. H. H., . . . Senok, A. C. (2020). SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19: Viral genomics, epidemiology, vaccines, and therapeutic interventions. Viruses, 12(5).


Wu, M., Li, M., Yuan, J., Liang, S., Chen, Z., Ye, M., . . . Bhagavathula, A. S. (2020). Postmenopausal hormone therapy and Alzheimer's disease, dementia, and Parkinson's disease: A systematic review and time-response meta-analysis. Pharmacological Research, 155


Yasin, Y. J., Grivna, M., & Abu-Zidan, F. M. (2020). Reduction of pedestrian death rates: a missed global target. World journal of emergency surgery : WJES, 15(1), 35.