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CMHS Publications: March 2018


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Aberer, F., Tripolt, N. J., Scharnagl, H., Zedler, J., Eder, M., Oulhaj, A., . . . Sourij, H. (2018). Combined serum free light chain levels are associated with carotid atherosclerosis in type 2 diabetes mellitus. Diabetes and Vascular Disease Research, 15(2), 162-164. 


Al Ahmad, M., Al Natour, Z., Attoub, S., & Hassan, A. H. (2018). Monitoring of the Budding Yeast Cell Cycle Using Electrical Parameters. IEEE Access, 6, 19231-19237. 


Al-Jezawi, N. K., Al-Shamsi, A. M., Suleiman, J., Ben-Salem, S., John, A., Vijayan, R., . . . Al-Gazali, L. (2018). Compound heterozygous variants in the multiple PDZ domain protein (MPDZ) cause a case of mild non-progressive communicating hydrocephalus. BMC Medical Genetics, 19(1). 


Almarzooqi, S., Quadri, A., & Albawardi, A. (2018). Gallbladder Polyps in Metachromatic Leukodystrophy. Fetal and Pediatric Pathology, 37(2), 102-108. 


Glinton, K. E., Benke, P. J., Lines, M. A., Geraghty, M. T., Chakraborty, P., Al-Dirbashi, O. Y., . . . El-Hattab, A. W. (2018). Disturbed phospholipid metabolism in serine biosynthesis defects revealed by metabolomic profiling. Molecular Genetics and Metabolism, 123(3), 309-316.


Hefny, A. F., Kunhivalappil, F. T., Matev, N., Avila, N. A., Bashir, M. O., & Abu-Zidan, F. M. (2018). Management of computed tomography-detected pneumothorax in patients with blunt trauma: Experience from a community-based hospital. Singapore Medical Journal, 59(3), 150-154. 


Kalász, H., Ojha, S., Tekes, K., Szőke, É., Mohanraj, R., Fahim, M., . . . Adem, A. (2018). Pharmacognostical sources of popular medicine to treat Alzheimer’s disease. Open Medicinal Chemistry Journal, 12, 23-35.


Moholdt, T., Lavie, C. J., & Nauman, J. (2018). Sustained Physical Activity, Not Weight Loss, Associated With Improved Survival in Coronary Heart Disease. Journal of the American College of Cardiology, 71(10), 1094-1101.


Nemmar, A., Al-Salam, S., Beegam, S., Yuvaraju, P., Hamadi, N., & Ali, B. H. (2018). In vivo protective effects of nootkatone against particles-induced lung injury caused by diesel exhaust is mediated via the Nf-κB pathway. Nutrients, 10(3). 


Olaifa, A., Govender, R. D., & Ross, A. J. (2018). Knowledge, attitudes and practices of healthcare workers about healthcare waste management at a district hospital in KwaZulu-Natal. South African Family Practice, 60(5), 137-145. 


Prabakaran, A. D., Karakkat, J. V., Vijayan, R., Chalissery, J., Ibrahim, M. F.,

Kaimala, S., . . . Emerald, B. S. (2018). Identification of early indicators of altered metabolism in normal development using a rodent model system. DMM Disease Models and Mechanisms, 11(3).


Said, A. R., Said, K., Awwad, F., Qamhieh, N. N., Mahmoud, S. T., Meetani, M. A., . . . Ayesh, A. I. (2018). Design, fabrication, and characterization of Hg2+ sensor based on graphite oxide and metallic nanoclusters. Sensors and Actuators, A: Physical, 271, 270-277. 


Thrush, A. B., Antoun, G., Nikpay, M., Patten, D. A., Devlugt, C., Mauger, J. F., . . . Harper, M. E. (2018). Diet-resistant obesity is characterized by a distinct plasma proteomic signature and impaired muscle fiber metabolism. International Journal of Obesity, 42(3), 353-362. 


Al-Barazie, R. M., Bashir, G. H., Qureshi, M. M., Mohamed, Y. A., Al-Sbiei, A., Tariq, S., . . . Fernandez-Cabezudo, M. J. (2018). Cholinergic activation enhances resistance to oral Salmonella infection by modulating innate immune defense mechanisms at the intestinal barrier. Frontiers in Immunology, 9(MAR).


Nebrisi, E. E., Al Kury, L. T., Yang, K. H. S., Jayaprakash, P., Howarth, F. C., Kabbani, N., & Oz, M. (2018). Curcumin potentiates the function of human α7-nicotinic acetylcholine receptors expressed in SH-EP1 cells. Neurochemistry International, 114, 80-84.