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CMHS Publications: June 2020

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CMHS faculty, students and staff publications

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Afrin, S., Haneefa, S. M., Fernandez-Cabezudo, M. J., Giampieri, F., Al-Ramadi, B. K., & Battino, M. (2020). Therapeutic and preventive properties of honey and its bioactive compounds in cancer: An evidence-based review. Nutrition Research Reviews, 33(1), 50-76.


Ali, N., Elbarazi, I., Alabboud, S., Al-Maskari, F., Loney, T., & Ahmed, L. A. (2020). Antenatal Care Initiation Among Pregnant Women in the United Arab Emirates: The Mutaba'ah Study. Frontiers in Public Health, 8.


Conlon, J. M., Attoub, S., Musale, V., Leprince, J., Casewell, N. R., Sanz, L., & Calvete, J. J. (2020). Isolation and characterization of cytotoxic and insulin-releasing components from the venom of the black-necked spitting cobra Naja nigricollis (Elapidae). Toxicon: X, 6.


Eissa, N., Azimullah, S., Jayaprakash, P., Jayaraj, R. L., Reiner, D., Ojha, S. K., . . . Sadek, B. (2020). The dual-active histamine H3 receptor antagonist and acetylcholine esterase inhibitor E100 alleviates autistic-like behaviors and oxidative stress in valproic acid induced autism in mice. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 21(11), 1-22.


Ghiassi, S., El Chaar, M., Aleassa, E. M., Moustarah, F., El Djouzi, S., Birriel, T. J., . . . American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Clinical Issues, C. (2020). ASMBS position statement on the relationship between obesity and cancer, and the role of bariatric surgery: risk, timing of treatment, effects on disease biology, and qualification for surgery. Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases, 16(6), 713-724.


Hasan, S., Megaro, A., Cenciarini, M., Coretti, L., Botti, F. M., Imbrici, P., . . . D’Adamo, M. C. (2020). Electromechanical coupling of the Kv1.1 voltage-gated K+ channel is fine-tuned by the simplest amino acid residue in the S4-S5 linker. Pflugers Archiv European Journal of Physiology.


Javed, H., Thangavel, R., Selvakumar, G. P., Dubova, I., Schwartz, N., Ahmed, M. E., . . . Khan, M. M. (2020). NLRP3 inflammasome and glia maturation factor coordinately regulate neuroinflammation and neuronal loss in MPTP mouse model of Parkinson's disease. International Immunopharmacology, 83.


Kassir, M., Karagaiah, P., Sonthalia, S., Katsambas, A., Galadari, H., Gupta, M., . . . Goldust, M. (2020). Selective RAR agonists for acne vulgaris: A narrative review. Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, 19(6), 1278-1283.


Kounelis, F., Kanterakis, A., Kanavos, A., Pandi, M. T., Kordou, Z., Manusama, O., . . . Patrinos, G. P. (2020). Documentation of clinically relevant genomic biomarker allele frequencies in the next-generation FINDbase worldwide database. Human Mutation, 41(6), 1112-1122.


Xiao, Z., Chen, H., Zhang, Y., Deng, H., Wang, K., Bhagavathula, A. S., . . . Wei, Y. (2020). The effect of psyllium consumption on weight, body mass index, lipid profile, and glucose metabolism in diabetic patients: A systematic review and dose-response meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. Phytotherapy Research, 34(6), 1237-1247.


Zurl, C., Waller, M., Schwameis, F., Muhr, T., Bauer, N., Zollner-Schwetz, I., . . . Krause, R. (2020). Isavuconazole treatment in a mixed patient cohort with invasive fungal infections: Outcome, tolerability and clinical implications of isavuconazole plasma concentrations. Journal of Fungi, 6(2), 1-10.


Čukić, M., Stokić, M., Radenković, S., Ljubisavljević, M., Simić, S., & Savić, D. (2020). Nonlinear analysis of EEG complexity in episode and remission phase of recurrent depression. International Journal of Methods in Psychiatric Research, 29(2).