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CMHS Publications: July 2019

CMHS faculty, students and staff publications

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Abdulla, N. M., Aziz, F., Blair, I., Grivna, M., Adam, B., & Loney, T. (2019). Prevalence of, and factors associated with health supplement use in Dubai, United Arab Emirates: A population-based cross-sectional study. BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 19(1).


Abu-Zidan, F. M., & Sheek-Hussein, M. (2019). Diagnosis of abdominal tuberculosis: Lessons learned over 30 years: Pectoral assay. World Journal of Emergency Surgery, 14(1).


Al Alkeem, F., Loney, T., Aziz, F., Blair, I., Sonnevend, Á., & Sheek-Hussein, M. (2019). Prevalence and factors associated with infectious intestinal diseases in Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates, 2017: A population-based cross-sectional study. International Journal of Infectious Diseases, 85, 188-194.


Alosaimi, M. F., Shendi, H., Beano, A., Stafstrom, K., El Hawary, R., Meshaal, S., . . . Chou, J. (2019). T-cell mitochondrial dysfunction and lymphopenia in DOCK2-deficient patients. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, 144(1), 306-309.e302.


Bjekić, J., Vulić, K., Živanović, M., Vujičić, J., Ljubisavljević, M., & Filipović, S. R. (2019). The immediate and delayed effects of single tDCS session over posterior parietal cortex on face-word associative memory. Behavioural Brain Research, 366, 88-95.


Gupta, R., Gupta, N., Meghrajani, V., & Shehab, A. M. (2019). Cardiac arrhythmia and opioids: Be watchful. International Journal of Cardiology, 286, 83-84.


Jayaraj, R. L., Azimullah, S., Beiram, R., Jalal, F. Y., & Rosenberg, G. A. (2019). Neuroinflammation: Friend and foe for ischemic stroke. Journal of Neuroinflammation, 16(1).


Khan, M. A., Shah, S. M., Shehab, A., Ghosal, S., Muhairi, S. J., Al-Rifai, R. H., . . . Nauman, J. (2019). Screen time and metabolic syndrome among expatriate adolescents in the United Arab Emirates. Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome: Clinical Research and Reviews, 13(4), 2565-2569.


Koutsilieri, S., Caudle, K. E., Alzghari, S. K., Monte, A. A., Relling, M. V., & Patrinos, G. P. (2019). Optimizing thiopurine dosing based on TPMT and NUDT15 genotypes: It takes two to tango. American Journal of Hematology, 94(7), 737-740.


Sartelli, M., Abu-Zidan, F. M., Labricciosa, F. M., Kluger, Y., Coccolini, F., Ansaloni, L., . . . Catena, F. (2019). Physiological parameters for Prognosis in Abdominal Sepsis (PIPAS) Study: A WSES observational study. World Journal of Emergency Surgery, 14(1).


Soteriades, E. S. (2019). Is marijuana smoking good for future parents and children? Human reproduction (Oxford, England), 34(7), 1380-1382.


Vallès, Y., Inman, C. K., Peters, B. A., Wareth, L. A., Abdulle, A., Alsafar, H., . . . Hayes, R. B. (2019). Incense Burning is Associated with Human Oral Microbiota Composition. Scientific Reports, 9(1).