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CMHS Publications: January 2020

CMHS Faculty and staff publications

CMHS faculty, students and staff publications

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Tarasconi, A., Coccolini, F., Biffl, W. L., Tomasoni, M., Ansaloni, L., Picetti, E., . . . Catena, F. (2020). Perforated and bleeding peptic ulcer: WSES guidelines. World Journal of Emergency Surgery, 15(1).


Patrinos, G. P. (2020). Sketching the prevalence of pharmacogenomic biomarkers among populations for clinical pharmacogenomics. European Journal of Human Genetics, 28(1). 


Mousa, H. M., Hefny, A. F., & Abu-Zidan, F. M. (2020). Life-threatening duodenal perforation complicating endoscopic retrograde cholangiopanceatography: A case series. International Journal of Surgery Case Reports, 66, 404-407.


König, A., Joseph, F., Janse van Rensburg, C., Myburgh, J., & Keough, N. (2020). Kambin's triangle and the position of the dorsal nerve root in the lumbar neural foramen. Clinical Anatomy


Khairnar, S. I., Mahajan, U. B., Patil, K. R., Patel, H. M., Shinde, S. D., Goyal, S. N., . . . Patil, C. R. (2020). Disulfiram and Its Copper Chelate Attenuate Cisplatin-Induced Acute Nephrotoxicity in Rats Via Reduction of Oxidative Stress and Inflammation. Biological Trace Element Research, 193(1), 174-184. 


De Simone, B., Ansaloni, L., Sartelli, M., Kluger, Y., Abu-Zidan, F. M., Biffl, W. L., . . . Catena, F. (2020). The Operative management in Bariatric Acute abdomen (OBA) Survey: Long-term complications of bariatric surgery and the emergency surgeon's point of view. World Journal of Emergency Surgery, 15(1). 


Cuvertino, S., Hartill, V., Colyer, A., Garner, T., Nair, N., Al-Gazali, L., . . . Banka, S. (2020). A restricted spectrum of missense KMT2D variants cause a multiple malformations disorder distinct from Kabuki syndrome. Genetics in Medicine


Alshamsi, F., Alshammari, K., Belley-Cote, E., Dionne, J., Albrahim, T., Albudoor, B., . . . Alhazzani, W. (2020). Extracorporeal liver support in patients with liver failure: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized trials. Intensive Care Medicine, 46(1). 


Aljarrah, Q., Bakkar, S., Aleshawi, A., Al-Gharaibeh, O., Al-Jarrah, M., Ebwayne, R., . . . Abou-Foul, A. K. (2020). Analysis of the peri-operative cost of non-traumatic major lower extremity amputation in Jordan. ClinicoEconomics and Outcomes Research, 12, 13-21. 


Aleassa, E. M., & Hashimoto, K. (2020). Combining Ablation and Resection for the Treatment of Hepatocellular Carcinoma: An Attempt to Expand Treatment Options. Annals of Surgical Oncology


Alblooshi, H., Al Safar, H., El Kashef, A., Al Ghaferi, H., Shawky, M., Hulse, G. K., & Tay, G. K. (2020). Stratified analyses of genome wide association study data reveal haplotypes for a candidate gene on chromosome 2 (KIAA1211L) is associated with opioid use in patients of Arabian descent. BMC Psychiatry, 20(1). 


Al-Rifai, R. H., Ali, N., Barigye, E. T., Al Haddad, A. H. I., Al-Maskari, F., Loney, T., & Ahmed, L. A. (2020). Maternal and birth cohort studies in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Systematic reviews, 9(1), 14.


Al-Rasadi, K., Alhabib, K. F., Al-Allaf, F., Al-Waili, K., Al-Zakwani, I., Alsarraf, A., . . . Altaradi, H. (2020). The gulf familial hypercholesterolemia registry (Gulf fh): Design, rationale and preliminary results. Current Vascular Pharmacology, 18(1), 57-64.