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CMHS Publications: July 2018


CMHS faculty, students and staff publications 

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Al-Rifai, R. H., & Aziz, F. (2018). Prevalence of type 2 diabetes, prediabetes, and gestational diabetes mellitus in women of childbearing age in Middle East and North Africa, 2000-2017: Protocol for two systematic reviews and meta-analyses. Systematic Reviews, 7(1). 


Alachkar, A., Latacz, G., Siwek, A., Lubelska, A., Honkisz, E., Grybo┼Ť, A., . . . Sadek, B. (2018). Anticonvulsant evaluation of novel non-imidazole histamine H3R antagonists in different convulsion models in rats. Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior, 170, 14-24.


Alsamri, M. T., Al-Hammadi, S., Islam, B., & Souid, A. K. (2018). Zoledronic acid and bone cellular respiration. Journal of Bone and Mineral Metabolism, 36(4), 392-398. 


Guachalla, L. M., Ramoni, K., Varga, C., Mutti, M., Ghazawi, A., Pál, T., . . . Szijártó, V. (2018). Retained activity of an O25b-specific monoclonal antibody against an Mcr-1-producing Escherichia coli sequence type 131 strain. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, 62(7).


Khalil, A. H., Elnahas, G., Ramy, H., Abdel Aziz, K., Elkholy, H., & El-Ghamry, R. (2018). Impact of a culturally adapted behavioural family psychoeducational programme in patients with schizophrenia in Egypt. International Journal of Psychiatry in Clinical Practice, 1-10.


Moubareck, C. A., Mouftah, S. F., Pál, T., Ghazawi, A., Halat, D. H., Nabi, A., . . . Sonnevend, Á. (2018). Clonal emergence of Klebsiella pneumoniae ST14 co-producing OXA-48-type and NDM carbapenemases with high rate of colistin resistance in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents, 52(1), 90-95. 


Mustafa, F., Vivet-Boudou, V., Jabeen, A., Ali, L. M., Kalloush, R. M., Marquet, R., & Rizvi, T. A. (2018). The bifurcated stemloop 4 (SL4) is crucial for efficient packaging of mouse mammary tumor virus (MMTV) genomic RNA. RNA Biology, 1-13. 


Scolas, S., Legrand, C., Oulhaj, A., & El Ghouch, A. (2018). Diagnostic checks in mixture cure models with interval-censoring. Statistical Methods in Medical Research, 27(7), 2114-2131. 


Shanmugam, M. K., Shen, H., Tang, F. R., Arfuso, F., Rajesh, M., Wang, L., . . . Sethi, G. (2018). Potential role of genipin in cancer therapy. Pharmacological Research, 133, 195-200.  


Suleiman, J., Mundt, M., Sampath, S., & El-Hattab, A. W. (2018). TASP1 is deleted in an infant with developmental delay, microcephaly, distinctive facial features, and multiple congenital anomalies. Clinical Genetics, 94(1), 170-173.


Vallès, Y., Inman, C. K., Peters, B. A., Ali, R., Wareth, L. A., Abdulle, A., . . . Ahn, J. (2018). Types of tobacco consumption and the oral microbiome in the United Arab Emirates Healthy Future (UAEHFS) Pilot Study. Scientific Reports, 8(1).