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CMHS Publications: April 2020

CMHS Faculty and staff publications

CMHS faculty, students and staff publications

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Abdelrahman, A. M., Al Salam, S., Al Suleimani, Y., Ashique, M., Manoj, P., & Ali, B. H. (2020). Effect of levosimendan, an inodilator, on streptozotocin-induced diabetic nephropathy in rats. European Journal of Pharmacology, 873


Al-Azayzih, A., Al-Azzam, S. I., Alzoubi, K. H., Jarab, A. S., Kharaba, Z., Al-Rifai, R. H., & Alnajjar, M. S. (2020). Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs Utilization Patterns and Risk of Adverse Events due to Drug-Drug Interactions among Elderly Patients: A Study from Jordan. Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal, 28(4), 504-508.

Al-Salam, S., Hashmi, S., Jagadeesh, G. S., & Tariq, S. (2020). Galectin-3: A Cardiomyocyte Antiapoptotic Mediator at 24-Hour Post Myocardial Infarction. Cellular physiology and biochemistry : internatio

nal journal of experimental cellular physiology, biochemistry, and pharmacology, 54

(2), 287-302. 


Beetz, C., Ameziane, N., Kdissa, A., Karageorgou, V., Bauer, P., Suleiman, J., . . . El-Hattab, A. W. (2020). VPS26C homozygous nonsense variant in two cousins with neurodevelopmental deficits, growth failure, skeletal abnormalities, and distinctive facial features. Clinical Genetics, 97(4), 644-648. 


Coccolini, F., Coimbra, R., Ordonez, C., Kluger, Y., Vega, F., Moore, E. E., . . . Isik, A. (2020). Liver trauma: WSES 2020 guidelines. World Journal of Emergency Surgery, 15(1). 


Coccolini, F., Sartelli, M., Kluger, Y., Pikoulis, E., Karamagioli, E., Moore, E. E., . . . Catena, F. (2020). COVID-19 the showdown for mass casualty preparedness and management: The Cassandra Syndrome. World Journal of Emergency Surgery, 15(1). 


Di Saverio, S., Podda, M., De Simone, B., Ceresoli, M., Augustin, G., Gori, A., . . . Catena, F. (2020). Diagnosis and treatment of acute appendicitis: 2020 update of the WSES Jerusalem guidelines. World Journal of Emergency Surgery, 15(1). 


D’adamo, M. C., Liantonio, A., Rolland, J. F., Pessia, M., & Imbrici, P. (2020). Kv1.1 channelopathies: Pathophysiological mechanisms and therapeutic approaches. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 21(8). ‚Äč 


Ferdous, Z., & Nemmar, A. (2020). Health impact of silver nanoparticles: A review of the biodistribution and toxicity following various routes of exposure. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 21(7). 


Hilbert-Carius, P., McGreevy, D. T., Abu-Zidan, F. M., Hörer, T. M., & and the, A. R. r. g. (2020). Pre-hospital CPR and early REBOA in trauma patients - results from the ABOTrauma Registry. World journal of emergency surgery : WJES, 15(1), 23. 


Howarth, F. C., Norstedt, G., Boldyriev, O. I., Qureshi, M. A., Mohamed, O., Parekh, K., . . . Al Kury, L. T. (2020). Effects of prolactin on ventricular myocyte shortening and calcium transport in the streptozotocin-induced diabetic rat. Heliyon, 6(4). 


Shmygol, A. (2020). Calcium-induced calcium release in astroglia—a view “from the inside”. Pflugers Archiv European Journal of Physiology, 472(4), 435-436