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Blended learning resources at NML: Primal Pictures 3D Anatomy


Primal Pictures interactive 3D graphics of the human body includes features such as a 3D Atlas, a 3D Real Time rotating anatomy study tool, Functional Anatomy, Imaging, Therapy, introductions to Clinical Specialties with case studies and much more. A study guide, student quizzes, saving/sharing and notes functions are in addition available for best possible learning support.

Information access: get connected to NML's subscription to the Atlas HERE and create and account to save personal settings, images and study notes.

Download the apps: free from your app store   

Primal Pictures Mobile Apps 

Primal's 3D Real-Time Human Anatomy includes a set of 3D anatomy apps that together covers all parts of the human body. The apps, "Thorax‚Äč", "Hip and Thigh", "Abdomen", "Head and Neck" etc. includes a large set of exploring, saving and study functions specifically developed for medical students.

Download the apps: free from your app store   

Information access: login to Primal Picture through the library subscription  through your mobile device and access the selected region in the 3D real time database. Click on " launch app" to download the "Real-Time" interface. 

Images and video from Primal Pictures and by UAEU photographer