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Blended learning resources at NML: JoVE Video Journal








JoVE Video Journals is a peer reviewed, PubMed and Scopus indexed video methods journal that publish experimental techniques in a visual format. Subject fields such as General Medicine, Biochemistry, Genetics, Immunology and infections are included. 

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JoVE Video Journals- a selection 

JoVE Medicine- methods and experimental approaches for biomedical research and clinical medicine, including case studies, clinical procedures, surgeries, clinical trials, and animal models of disease

JoVE Immunology and Infection- methods and techniques for studying the immune system, mechanisms of infection, biological responses to pathogens, and therapeutic agents for treating immunological disease. 

JoVE Neuroscience- methods and techniques for studying the brain and nervous system; also featuring potential treatments for neurological conditions and diseases.

JoVE Cancer Research - experimental approaches and methods to understand, detect, treat, and prevent cancer.

JoVE Genetics- experimental approaches to study gene function, gene expression and regulation, epigenetics, genetic disorders, population genetics, and evolution

JoVE Biochemistry- methods and experimental approaches to study the structure, function, and interactions of biological molecules.

‚ÄčJoVE Environmentmethods and techniques for studying the Earth’s ecosystems, addressing environmental concerns, and protecting natural resources.

Images and video from JoVE and Scopus