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What Is ILL and Who is Eligible to Use It?

 Interlibrary Loan (ILL):

- Is the process of borrowing and Lending materials among Libraries. The process has two functions: Obtaining materials needed by a patron (ILL Borrowing) and Furnishing to other Libraries (ILL Lending).

- allows you to request library materials from institutions all over the world. If a journal is not available in the NML System the ILL team will attempt to obtain it from our partner libraries.

 Eligible Users:.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a service that allows students, faculty, and staff to borrow materials from other libraries through the National Medical Library in order to meet their study and research needs at CMHS.

Before Submitting ILL Request

Please check the library's collection to make sure the library does not own the title.

Access articles via NML resourses

Sometimes it's not easy to find the full text for articles you have retrieved from your search. Below are steps to locate academic journals and get full-text articles.

Find Resources

WorldCat (World Catalog) is an online catalog of books, journals and other materials such as manuscripts, documents, audio-visual materials, musical scores, and sound recordings in libraries worldwide. It provides direct links to the most important resource types for academic research.

It is a great place to start your research and it finds articles you might have missed in single-discipline databases.

If you wish to obtain full-text articles in WorldCat that is not held by the NML, you may request an InterLibrary loan for that item by completing the online form on the NML home page.

Sometimes the library catalog may not show results for a specific journal or the results may be incomplete. To find out if NML subscribes to a journal that published an article you need, always search the "E-Journal List", a database of the scholarly journals that the library has online.                                             

Browse journal titles, read & save articles


If you have any additional questions about ILL please contact Ms.Mariam Al-Ahbabi 03-7137194,  Or, you can send e-mail at