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Conference: Diabetes and Cardiovascular Diseases



Prof. Harald Sourij ian Associate Professor at the Medical University Graz. He is currently a Deputy Head of Division of Endocrinology and Diabetology, Head of the Diabetes Outpatient Clinic, Head of the cardiovascular diabetology research group, Scientific Advisor for the area Metabolism and Inflammation at the Center for Biomarker Research in Medicine. His research activities focus mainly on diabetes, metabolism and cardiovascular complications. He has published over 160 articles, including peer-reviewed manuscripts in highly ranked journals including The Lancet, European Heart Journal or Diabetes Care.

He worked three years at the Diabetes Trials Unit at the University of Oxford, UK as Senior Clinical Researcher and Clinical Lead for the EXSCEL trial and locum Clinical Lead for the TECOS trial. He is on the Board of the Austrian Diabetes Association and member of the Diabetes & Cardiovascular Disease Study Group of the EASD. He has been awarded the Langerhans Award of the Austrian Diabetes Association in 2013 and the Joseph Skoda Award of the Austrian Society for Internal Medicine in 2015. He serves as Reviewer for numerous scientific journals, funding bodies and academic institutions. He was Associate Editor of the scientific journal Trials and is on the Editorial Board of the World Journal of Diabetes and the Journal of Diabetes Research.


Dr. Abderrahim Oulhaj is an associate Professor in Biostatistics at the College of Medicine and Health Sciences, UAE University. He holds a PhD in biostatistics from the UCL University in Belgium. Before joining the UAE, he worked as a senior medical biostatistician at the University of Oxford for almost 10 years. He was the lead medical biostatistician for the Oxford Project to Investigate Memory and Ageing cohort study (OPTIMA) and for the EXCEL study at the Diabetes trial Unit, University of Oxford.

Dr. Abderrahim Oulhaj divides his time in teaching undergraduate and graduate programs at the UAEU, supervising PhDs and Master students and working on many research activities as well as consulting with healthcare professionals. He received many awards from the UAE University for publishing in top peer-reviewed scientific journals and bringing recognition to the United Arab Emirates University. His research field is the statistical modelling in medical field especially Diabetes, cardio-vascular and Alzheimer’s diseases. He established very strong collaborations with many international Universities including the University of Oxford (UK), the UCL University (Belgium), Graz medical school (Austria) and University of Oslo (Norway).


Dr. Ali El-Houni is a consultant endocrinologist and diabetologist trained in the UK with special interest in Endocrine Oncology at Tawam Johns Hopkins Medicine Affiliated Hospital (Al Ain). He also holds a position of associate clinical professor at the UAE University Currently he runs specialized endocrine and diabetes clinics, namely the thyroid oncology clinic, and seeing diabetic foot disease cases referred by the podiatry clinic. He was the clinical lead for several clinical governance initiatives related to the specialty, spearheaded the group wrote the clinical care pathway for diabetes ketoacidosis; supervised diabetes CVD risk factors audits for diabetes care and coordinated the efforts to create the diabetes website on “TOL” hospital intranet. He is keen clinical teacher, and a founding member of the medical teaching unit for the GIM residency program established in 2006 and held the position of the associate director of the program for 3 years. He is currently the site coordinator for London Imperial College Endocrinology Fellowship program.