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“Research as Art"- research related images by CMHS faculty

Explore the beauty of medical research beyond the microscope and scientific publications and learn more about the research behind the images in this online version of the "research as Art" exhibition at the National Medical Library 

The exhibition poster

Image gallery


The National Medical Library's "Research as Art" exhibition was opened in connection to the library's open house event in April 2018. The exhibition includes 32 beautiful images from different research projects from labs at the College of Medicine and Health Sciences at UAEU.

Contributions from the departments of pharmacology (Prof. Samir Attoub, Prof.Salim Bastaki), biochemistry (Dr. Farah Mustafa), microbiology (Prof.Gulfarz Khan), anatomy (Prof. Safa Shahab) and pathology (Dr. Saeeda Al Marzouqui) is included in the exhibition. 

2018 "Research as Art" image

Library visitors were encouraged to vote for their favorite image in connection to the opening of the exhibition in the spring of 2018. Almost 200 persons participated in the voting, where an image from the research of Professor Safa Shehab from the Department of Anatomy was announced as the winner.