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Medical Terminology Resources

 Medical Terminology and Reference Resources 

 This guide presents a selection of medical references and apps, useful for medical students and practitioners. The apps can be downloaded for free through mobile app stores and your UAEU credentials will give you access to academic medical information subscribed by NML   

Medical Terminology Apps

Medical Terminology                                                                                                   The application is designed not only for people who are directly involved in medicine but also for people who want to understand the disease on their own and expand their knowledge in medicine.

Download app: Free from your app store   


Skyscape Medical Library                                                                              This application is suitable for doctors, nurses, medical students, and other health professionals. Skyscape is a medical reference in which you can find any information related to medical topics, from the anatomical atlas to practical recommendations for managing patients with a particular disease. Also, in Skyscape, there is a well-known pharmacological guide RxDrugs, a huge amount of monographs, and built-in calculators.

Download app: Free from your app store   


Medical Terminology and Abbreviations                                                    There are more than 1000 medical terms and abbreviations, deciphered in English. Ideal for medical students to improve their knowledge.

Download app:  Free from your app store  

Medical dictionary offline                                                                      Medical dictionary offline contains a large number of medical terms in English and will be useful for doctors, medical professionals, nurses, medical students. The application is a collection of commonly used medical terms, diseases and symptoms with a detailed description.

Download app: Free from your app store   


Latin medical terms dictionary                                                                     The dictionary of medical requirements contains Latin-English, English-Latin dictionaries of the most common medical terms. To switch between dictionaries, it’s enough just to click on the screen in the right place. Navigation application is allowed in a few seconds to find what you are looking for.

Download app: Free from your app store   

Medical Dictionary – Healthcare Terminology                                                This application is a directory of medical terms and concepts. The appendix contains about 180 000 terms of different branches of medicine. Most of the terms have audio voice acting and are accompanied by pictures for more detailed learning there is a search for concepts (by title and by content). For each article, you can add your own notes.

Download app: Free from your app store   


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