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NML Guide: Surgery: Useful Databases

Access Surgery

AccessSurgery provides access to core surgery text-books such as "Lange Current Series in surgery". The interactive platform also includes cases, diagnostic tools, review questions, drug information and patient education resources, specifically designed to support clerkship students.  Access Surgery also includes a comprehensive multimedia library with images and videos divided by categories and systems. 

Information access: get connected to NML's subscription to the AccessSurgery   





Lecturio medical video lectures and interactive learning platform includes over 5500 videos divided on pre- clinical and clinical levels and topics and organ systems. A large, question bank including USMLE and MCAT practicing tools connected to the videos. Built-in study and learning support functions allow the users to follow their learning progresses. 

Information access: get connected to NML's subscription to Lecturio and register for a personal account with your UAEU e- mail address.

Lippincott's Health Library


The LWW library contains over 50 medical e-books including, for example, Blueprints: Surgery and Step-up to SurgeryRead the entire book or search for a specific topic in the entire collection get references to all chapters including information about the selected search terms. Except from e-books LWW also includes a library with images, videos, audio files plus cases and clinical skills examples and self-assessment tools.

Information access: get connected to NML's subscription to the LWW's e-library  


ClinicalKey gives you full-text access at the point of care to selected medical e-books, journals, practice guidelines, drug information, patient handouts, videos, images and more. The database gives access to daily updated information within more than 30 medical specialties. A presentation maker and print, save and e-mail functions makes it easy to store selected information and share with others. 

Information access: get connected to NML's subscription to ClinicalKey  

Images and Videos



Primal Pictures

Primal's 3D Real-Time Human Anatomy subscribed by NML offers a set of 3D anatomy apps that together covers all parts of the human body. The apps, "Thorax ", "Hip and Thigh", "Abdomen", "Head and Neck" etc. includes a large set of exploring, saving and study functions specifically developed for medical students.

Download the apps: free from your app store    

Information access: login to Primal Picture through the library subscription through your mobile device and access the selected region in the 3D real-time database. Click on " launch app" to download the "Real-Time" interface. 




VisualDX (NEW)

VisualDX is a clinical decision support tool designed to help with diagnosing of dermatological, infection, genetic, metabolic, nutritional and occupational diseases. The resource includes more than 140,000 images of visually identifiable diseases, drug reactions, and infections. Basic descriptions of different diagnosis and direct links to UpToDate and PubMed, provides the users with clinical background and support information.

Information access: create an account through NML's Access Medicine subscription to be able to login and access all information in the app.