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Mobile Apps at NML

E- books and Text Books Plattforms


The ClinicalKey platform incudes a significant number of medical e-books. You can read them online, either from your computer or on a mobile device through the ClinicalKey app.

Download app: free from your app store   

Information access: create an account through the NML's Clinical Key subscription and apply for “remote access” to be able to login and access all information in the app.


AAO eBooks

The American Academy of Ophthalmology’s eBook app, Provides access to the important core ophthalmology textbooks.

Download app: free from your app store

Information access: create an account through the NML's American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) subscription and apply for remote access to be able to login and access all information in the app.




ClinicalKey Student Bookshelf ‚Äč

Download the ClinicalKey Student Bookshelf app to access your personal bookshelf across all devices whenever you need it. Enhance your study experience with tools designed to build and improve your medical knowledge; making and sharing notes, highlighting key text and creating flashcards.


Download app: free from your app store

Information access: create an account through the NML's ClinicalKey student subscription and apply for remote access to be able to log in and access all information in the app.