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NML News: Medical VR, 3D and Augemnted Reality technology on display at NML

Visible Body

Visible Body Human Anatomy 3D Atlas with augmented reality includes gross anatomy from more than 6,000 structures of the human body. The Atlas can be downloaded in App format and augmented reality worksheets for study and classroom activities are available.

Access NML's trial for Visible Body Human Anatomy 3D Atlas HERE and the Augmented Reality apps HERE


Click on the picture to see the full text (PDF)

Faculty and students exploring Visible Body's augmented reality features at NML


zSpace’s virtual reality Human Anatomy Atlas, creates a life like learning experience of the human body. The resource includes over 4,300 3D modeled structures, 13,500 anatomical labels in addition to learning and instructor supportive functions.

You are welcome to visit the library (female side) to try the VR lab. 

zSpace demonstration at NML on January 14th