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New Resources at NML: Medical Apps

New Medical Apps


VisualDX is a clinical decision support tool designed to help with diagnosing of dermatological, infection, genetic, metabolic, nutritional and occupational diseases. The resource includes more than 140,000 images of visually identifiable diseases, drug reactions, and infections. Basic descriptions of different diagnosis and direct links to UpToDate and PubMed, provides the users with clinical background and support information.

Information access: create an account through NML's Access Medicine subscription to be able to login and access all information in the app.


Discover and access all medical journals subscribed by NML through the Library’s journal app “BrowZine”. With this app you can build up your own journal book shelf directly through your computer or mobile device and read, save, share and cite articles. The app will also notify you when new issues of selected  journals are released. You can install BrowZine on multiple devices where all your selections and settings automatically will be synced. Ask at the library or visit to get started and for more information.

Download app: free from your app store  

Information access: Create your own BrowZine account in the app or on and connect to NML resources by choosing: "UAEU National Medical Library" in the "Library" menu to get fill access to NML subscribed journals. Use your UAEU credentials to verify the connection.



Primal Pictures 3D Real-Time Human Anatomy 

Primal's 3D Real-Time Human Anatomy subscribed by NML offers a set of 3D anatomy apps that together covers all parts of the human body. The apps, "Thorax​", Hip and Thigh", "Abdomen", "Head and Neck" etc. includes a large set of exploring, saving and study functions spesifically developed for medical students.

Download the apps: free from your app store    

Information access: login to Primal Picture through the library subscription  and access the selected region in the 3D real time database and click on " launch app" to download the "Real-Time" interface.

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