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Mobile Apps at NML

Human Anatomy

Visible Body Augmented Reality (trial)

Visible Body Human Anatomy and Muscle Premium apps for augmented reality includes gross anatomy from more than 6,000 structures of the human body. Augmented reality worksheets for study and classroom activities are in addition available to download from the Visible Body database trial:


Download the apps:

Human Anatomy Atlas     

Muscle Premium    


Information access: download the apps via the icons ( ) above using your mobile browser. Make sure to be on campus the first time you open the apps and to turn off your mobile data connection to ensure that you are connected to the institutional WIFI. After downloading the apps on campus, you will be able to get access to the atlases and the augmented reality features also outside the College. The augmented reality feature is activated by following the instructions given when clicking at the augmented reality icon Image result for augmented reality icon for selected body part.



Primal Pictures

Primal's 3D Real-Time Human Anatomy subscribed by NML offers a set of 3D anatomy apps that together covers all parts of the human body. The apps, "Thorax‚Äč", "Hip and Thigh", "Abdomen", "Head and Neck" etc. includes a large set of exploring, saving and study functions specifically developed for medical students.

Download the apps: free from your app store    

Information access: login to Primal Picture through the library subscription  through your mobile device and access the selected region in the 3D real time database. Click on " launch app" to download the "Real-Time" interface.